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Catch up with the realty boom and earn handsome returns with Vigneshwara

The realty sector like other sectors was not left untouched and had faced the music and witnessed all the highs and lows of the economy. Inspite of all the roller coaster ride it has emerged as a sector with consistent growth in the past few years and hence continues to be a favorite destination for investors globally. Analysts believe that post liberalization this sector has taken a U turn and will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come due to the favorable factors.

With this rapid growth and urbanization infrastructure industry has also observed the entry of various private as well as foreign real estate investment companies. They have left no stones unturned to attract the investors. One of the few examples is Vigneshwara developers, which has emerged as the renowned and trustworthy name in the infrastructure industry in the region of Delhi NCR and is coming with a chain of ambitious project throughout the country. They are famous for their architectural excellence and their projects are a classy example of future living with all the world class facilities at the doorstep of the residents well the investors.

Get Handsome Returns with Vigneshwara

Vigneshwara group- New project offerings with profitable investment propositions for investors

Keeping up with their heritage of following the best practices and maintaining high standard to make each project a masterpiece, the company has announced their new project of IT Park at Gurgaon called Aquarius Business Park, SOHO Next and D&K Valley. They are situated at the heart of the city very near to NH-8 and proposed metro station thereby forming the cream of the project. All these projects are uniquely based on the idea of WORK-LIVE-SHOP-PLAY and each of them is innovative and equipped with latest technology to make the life of people easy and prompt. The entire project is true example of creativity with artistic excellence to make them a landmark in the infrastructural industry. Moreover the innovative idea of a roof top helipad is really trendsetter and proves their credibility s a trendsetter.

The most important aspect is the investment part which has been beautifully managed by them with their offering of assured returns. They have promised to offer guaranteed assured returns of 12% on the entire amount spent by the investor after 5 years and 65:35 rent sharing over and above assured returns is an added feature of this unique investment proposition. 45% buy back offering is an instilling characteristic and sure to attract investors for the fact that there would be very few companies that would offer this.

Their excellent, innovative and trendsetting ideas are coupled with integrity. Vigneshwara as a group has built trust among their investors with their transparent and hassle free dealings. They have kept up their promises in the past and affirm to do the same in the future to make their project a major success in the infrastructure industry. The Company aims to provide their investors a better living in a healthy environment thereby working to their clients delight.


Time to add commercial spaces in Gurgaon to your kitty to rake in good profits

Investors in the lookout for profitable space buying options can consider checking out the lucrative real estate projects in Delhi-NCR. The region has been emerging as a powerful hub for real estate developers, thanks to the high development witnessed over the past few years and also the growing purchasing power of the majority of people there. Realty firms are focusing big time on developing highly futuristic projects in the area in order to lure more buyers. Trend-setting residential as well as commercial projects are mushrooming all over the region and more so in the hub – Gurgaon. A slew of innovative residential as well as commercial real estate projects are springing up rapidly to offer good investment option for investors looking to get good returns.

Commercial Investment

Gurgaon’s portrayal of a leading commercial and residential hub has prompted many real estate developers to pump in huge amounts of money to build properties. Vigneshwara Developers is one such name in the long list of property builders who have come up with their upcoming chain of ambitious, technologically advanced commercial as well as residential properties at attractive rates. The group headed by Mr Sunil Kumar Dahiya is offering profitable investment propositions in their future projects that are equipped with world-class amenities and attractive assured return schemes which people are sure to find it difficult to resist.

It is not just the residential spaces whose prices have gone through the roof but the zooming commercial real estate prices have also encouraged investors to get their hands on profitable retail spaces that can yield remarkable profits for them in the future. Moreover, the fact that commercial space in Gurgaon today fetches a high monthly per square foot is also working out as a great advantage for the investors looking to hold stakes in their commercial possessions till they decide to sell off.

Another critical reason for investors to purchase and add commercial spaces of Gurgaon to their kitty is the strong potential of commercial office space growth not only in the region but also in the entire country. Experts believe that India being one of the most populous and highly developing countries in the world have not been able to add up as much office total stock as most other advanced countries. Despite putting together the total office space stock of even the big cities in India, the figure remains lower than most developed cities like New York. Hence, analysts predict a considerable amount of capital appreciation for commercial properties to come about in the next few years. Price corrections in most parts of India since the economic slowdown are also expected to bring about huge capital appreciation of commercial spaces in India.

Betting big sums and raising stake on commercial real estate in Gurgoan seems a highly profitable and wise deal in the current scenario. The region definitely emerges as a buyer’s market as returns on investments are pretty high. Big-ticket investments on key commercial property projects developed by reputed realty firms are sure to fetch good deals and bring in great profits in the future.

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Is buying property in Gurgaon for investment purpose a good decision now?

Real estate market in Gurgaon is fast catching the eye of investors and hence witnessing great action. Over the past few years, property rates in the city have surged to a considerable extent. Experts are of the opinion that the upward curve property rate chart is unlikely to slow down in the coming months. There has been a significant jump of around 25 to 30% in the property rates and no signs of hold back are expected to happen in the next few years. It is not just interested occupants that are hunting for the right residential property options in Gurgaon but investors with good deal of money to put at stake are also exploring the opportunities to invest heavily so as to reap huge gains.

Innovative projects combining the best features of both commercial as well as residential property segments can be seen springing up in many favorable parts of Gurgaon. Developers are fast realizing the huge potential of the city and hence turning their best resources and creative energies to make optimum gains from the expanding realty market there. Vigneshwara developers are one such name that has been in the top ranks for building remarkable properties in Guragon. The realty firm led by Mr Sunil Dhahiya is offering a slew of futuristic and trend-setting projects in the region to satiate the upsurge in demand for innovative properties.

Best Investment Option - GurgaonNew projects of realty firms like Vigneshwara have been planned to offer the residents as well as commercial property buyers’ top of the line amenities. The projects are conceptualized on the unique theme of WORK-SHOP-LIVE-PLAY and are built to sell dreams for the future with interesting investment schemes of assured returns that very few reality players in the market can resist. Moreover, the location of these properties is favorable for both working professionals as well as residents. The properties developed by the group are also built to ensure that they have the best in class security and safety systems in place.

Hence, investors interested to capitalize on the profit-churning Gurgaon market and ready to put their stake on the Vigneshwara properties developed in the region can be rest assured of getting the best value in terms of monetary and aesthetics parameters. Vigneshwara Developers is the right choice of realty firm developer to pick when deciding to invest in the real estate market of Gugaon. Investors can feel safe when raising their stakes on the properties developed by the group as people who have already invested in their schemes claims it to be a top-rated transparent real estate developer that has provided them the best value for their investment.

Vigneshwara group’s offering of 12% assured returns on its upcoming properties with an option of buy back at 45% is a real steal for investors interested to invest in Gurgaon realty market. Moreover, purchasers can invest in the commercial and residential properties of Gurgaon and earn handsome monthly rent on them. Hence, it would be a wise decision on part of the investors to bet big on the properties available in Gurgaon as investments are sure to pay you higher amounts in future.

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Purchasing Office Space in Gurgaon Raking in Good Mullah

Buying an office space calls for huge money and that is why it has been considered as luxurious investment tool for biggies like high net worth individual, corporate and HNIS. But there has been a major change in the scenario. This is basically due to banks as well as private housing finance companies coming into picture and willing to lend money, subject to some terms and conditions. Analysts and fund managers strongly believes property investment will fetch double digit returns in coming years and especially those who have a time horizon of 3 or more years can bet their money on property investment particularly in office space, mostly in metros and fast developing cities.

Gurgaon- Favorite destination for property development…

One of the major examples of such investment hub is Gurgaon, one of the biggest in terms of stock availability as per a survey conducted by renowned sources. This region has recorded an impressive growth ever since few of the reputed developer have started planning their upcoming projects in a mega way in NCR. There has been huge demand owing to the availability of huge infrastructure and standard of living prevailing in this region. Some of the hotspots which are appealing and promising in terms of investments for both developers and investors are Golf Course Extension Road, Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road, Pataudi Road and NH-8.

Vigneshwara Developers Gurgaon

Vigneshwara and their upcoming technology hub in Gurgaon- How profitable the investments would be?

Vigneshwara, one of the renowned professionally realty group is coming with its innovative It park in central district of Gurgaon, located in close proximity of NH -8 and upcoming metro station. They have already proved their excellence in the infrastructure industry through their trendsetting architectural excellence and even provided brilliant returns to their investors, proving their worth in terms of profitability. All the facilities and amenities required by the modern day corporate and offices are at the service of the residents and investors containing and often exceeding their requirements are designed on the concept of WORK –LIVE-SHOP-PLAY. Most importantly the offices are spacious, comfortable with other socializing elements like cafeteria, auditoriums, and conference halls at their footsteps totally free of costs. So they are offering extended benefits thus saving on the investor’s money and cutting their costs effectively thereby increasing their productivity.

To top it all, the group has announced zero maintenance assurance and 12% assured return on the entire amount the investors would spend on the property after 5 years, which will be received monthly by them. The buyback offering of 45% leaves the investors mouth shut and there are few of who can deny such a high fetching offer with profitable returns. This promise of assured returns adds magic to the financial deal of Vigneshwara especially due to their past track record, wherein they have kept up the trust and offered what they had promised.

Overall, even in the sluggish market the innovative project of Vigneshwara has encouraged commoners to invest in commercial projects and earn huge profits and make their dream come true.

So you can be a part of this trustworthy group with their upcoming projects and enjoy sweet benefits with fruitful profits.

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Property Investments in Gurgaon Made More Profitable With Vigneshwara

The real estate industry has grown exponentially over years and has become a major investment tool for the investors looking out for huge profit margins and capital appreciation. It has witnessed the downturn during the recession phase but again arose from this roller coaster ride and has seen unprecedented and remarkable growth owing to the increasing demand .It is quite evident from the fact that it was earlier restricted to Tier 1 cities but has progressed to Tier -2 and Tier -3 cities. Moreover people has started preferring this sector over other available investment options in the market owing to its ability of generating higher income thereby matching up with the current inflation as well as availability of loans from bank and housing finance companies. With several big players announcing lucrative schemes of assured returns, it has become a favorite option for the investors.

Commercial Investment in Gurgaon

Make Easy profits with Vigneshwara…

Vigneshwara one of the largest infrastructure developers has been pioneering the assured return schemes for most of its projects since inception. Owing to its reputation in the market and brand name with total transparency in their dealings there has been sharp increase in the investment pattern. The trend is expected to be continued owing to the fact that they are coming up with a highly futuristic technology park sprawled over 150acres of prime land in the central heart of Gurgaon, the hottest property hub of the recent times. It has gained popularity even amongst the common people with its innovative scheme of assured returns on this project.

The company, Vigneshwara has guaranteed 12% assured returns to its investors on the entire amount they have spent on booking of the space after 5 years which they will receive monthly and 65:35 ratio of rent sharing over and above 12% which is quite attractive and profitable for the investors. The buyback offer of 45% makes it more irresistible for the investors and if you think from their perspective, it’s very difficult to put the offer down. The idea of assured returns which very few schemes would offer in the current financial market along with the capital appreciation that the property would gain over a period of time plays heavily on the minds of the investors. With the demographic and general factors like location, transportation and facilities being in sync of the investors demand list, makes it a wiser decision for the people to invest in their properties, believes property analysts. For instance the futuristic projects are located very nearby to NH -8 highway and in close proximity of upcoming metro station along with the availability of rooftop helipad thereby saving people’s time on commutation and enhances the productivity. The world class amenities under one roof can be enjoyed without any extra charges thereby saving the extra cost which one had to bear on the non revenue spaces thereby increasing the total profitability.

All that is required for modern offices are at the forefront and most importantly at reasonable rates. This is an innovative idea realized by the group, Vigneshwara to convert the dreams of commoners into reality.

So invest in properties easily and make profits with Vigneshwara.

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Vigneshwara offers unbeatable value for money

The investors hunting for alternative options for making good money on their investment at lower interest rates are getting attracted towards real estate. Analysts believe that in the current scenario of fluctuating and dwindling market, property is the best available tool to fight against inflation. Moreover the property developers announcing the pre launch scheme of assured returns on their upcoming projects to woo the investors are encouraging more people to put in their money for higher returns. They even advise the investors to do a complete research on the project and check the credentials before entering into any agreement. Vigneshwara, headed by Sunil Dahiya, MD of the company is one of the trustworthy realty firms based in and out of Delhi NCR and handling bigger projects of the region has announced similar type of schemes with and objective of offering its investors and client’s unbeatable value for money.
Vigneshwara Investment Plan
Hi-Fi and luxurious innovative projects with promises of assured returns- adding life to living spaces.

Going by the floor plan and the announcements of the group, Vigneshwara the upcoming projects of Aquarius Business park, SOHO Next and D & K, part of 150 acres of IT corridor is being conceived on the concept of WORK-LIVE-SHOP-PLAY with all the modern amenities is a perfect example of redefining the future lifestyle with 3G living spaces. Moreover its proximity to NH -8 and proposed metro station with the availability of rooftop helipad at prime location makes it a more favorable option for the investors. No one would endanger their investments unless they are satisfied by the features available for present day living and with Vigneshwara offering the adequate facilities anticipating the needs of tomorrow with the elegance of hi class living weighs heavily on the minds of both the investors and residents.

The most tempting proposal is the offering of 12% assured returns to its investors after a span of five years on the entire amount they have invested on the property bought. It sums up to a huge amount and investors can barely give a second thought with such a wonderful scheme of investment with huge profitability available for them in the market. Moreover a buyback offer of 45% from the company adds up value to its unique investment plan. The capital appreciation of the property along with the regular inflow of income is encouraging factor for the investors to putting more money to own a dream home.

With such a win a win offering for the investors, Vigneshwara and most importantly being transparent in their dealing has established their goodwill and trustworthiness among the investors and residents. Their credentials with the lucrative offering on their futuristic premium projects will even attract investments from those who are new to investment in the reality sector, believes analysts. So the investors can stop worrying about their money and take a smart decision to book a property with the upcoming projects of Vigneshwara and rest assure to earn handsome returns while enjoying the world class amenities at their footsteps.

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Wise Investment Opportunities Lined up by Vigneshwara For Investors

One of the safest and most rewarding investment options among all asset class is the real estate investment. An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of saving more capital so that they could make heavy real estate investments, which in future could give optimum returns. The good news for investors with keen interest to make big-ticket investments is that there are ample opportunities for making maximum gains through property investments. However, finding the right ones among the sea of opportunities may require certain level of research and other skills that can ensure that one does not land up in trouble over real estate investments in the future.
Property Investment with VigneshwaraVigneshwara Developers Group – the reality firm with excellent goodwill in the market offers smart investment choices for keen investors.  It is one of the highly reputed and professionally managed realty groups with futuristic and most innovative projects on offer in and around National Capital Region (NCR) for purchasers. The group needs no introduction as it has a chain of ambitious projects across the country and abroad. Moreover, it has been awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award (2006-07) for outstanding performance in the real estate world. Given the reputation and trustworthiness tagged with the name of this premium property developer, investors need not have to fear being mired in illicit real estate investments that turn more of a hassle than profit yielding vehicle.

Spearheaded by the Managing Director- Sunil Dahiya of the reality firm Vigneshwara Developers, the group has lined up the trendsetting projects at prime location. The realty firm has taken the task of developing futuristic, redefined living as well as commercial spaces on a humongous land of 21,780,000 sq.ft. approximately in and around NCR. The infrastructure development and realty firm has come up with new projects for HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation) sprawling over 150 acres of land. The group is renowned for offering investors with hi-class, quality amenities, unmatched comforts resplendent in top-notch realty projects that reflect the magnificent architectural knowledge of its designers and developers.

Sunil Dahiya AwardedThe world-class class, infrastructure development projects of Vigneshwara such as Aquarius Business Park, Soho Next and especially award-winning project D&K ivalley in IMT Manesar are all developed in prime location, which works as a great USP for the realty group. Besides, it gives investors the edge and guarantee to gain high profits when they consider selling them off after realty rates escalate to their preferred scale in these areas. The realty firm has come up with highly lucrative proposition of providing investors with zero maintenance charges for their projects. Another greatly alluring part is the rent-sharing ratio of 65:35 promised to investors after a span of five years at an attractive rate of 12% assured return.

Investors can make the best of top-of-the-line amenities that come as part of the futuristic projects developed by Vigneshwara without having to worry about extra maintenance costs and resale value. The property development company also offers a buyback offer of 45% and hence investors can be rest assured of making good investment returns on their real estate spaces acquired in Vigneshwara development projects.

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